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Buffalo Music Award Winner:
"Best Rock Band"

Along the way, Mayday has won a Buffalo Music Award as "Buffalo's Best Rock Band," and has opened for national acts Framing Hanley, Brand New, and Rise Against. Mayday’s members have played private parties, bars, weddings, theatres, charity events and lawn fetes. No matter what the event, Mayday Buffalo is sure to deliver with great music, 3-part vocal harmonies and a high energy party style!​


Mayday Buffalo: Our Story

 It was the summer of 2007, and singer/guitarist Mick Wolcott ’s co-worker was in need of a band for a summer party. Wolcott, a year removed from his high school band Freon, contacted two of his high school bandmates, McCartney Malley and Mike Wach. The trio formed the original Mayday lineup just in time for the party, and with just enough material for a 2 hour set. Two months and a handful of gigs later, the group added guitar player Loren Kelley to the band. 
The band’s lineup has since changed several times, but currently consists of Wolcott, Kelley, bassist Jay Crowe and drummer Joe Thomas.

Mayday Buffalo are the host of annual World's Largest 90's Party in both Buffalo and Rochester, New York. If you are inquiring to book Mayday, please click here

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