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Buffalo's PREMIER Party Band!

Buffalo's Premier
Party Band

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The Band

Meet the Band


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Mick Wolcott

      Vocals / Guitar

Loren Kelley


Jay Crowe


Joe Thomas


One of the founding members of Mayday.  Wolcott plays both electric and acoustic guitar for Mayday and is an excellent vocalist.

  This guitar wizard has been racing up and down a fret board since he was twelve years old. Kelley brings both a crunchy guitar tone and hard rock edge to band, but should also be recognized for the subtler/softer touches that he adds to the group’s sound. Loren has been a key member of Mayday since joining in 2007.

Crowe began his career with Mayday in 2012 as a fill-in bass player, and became a full-time member in 2013. In doing so, Crowe replaced founding member Mikey Wach to become the second bassist in Mayday history. Jay has a naturally great ear for bass parts and harmony vocals.

Joe played drums with Mayday from 2011 to Spring 2013. Then returned to the band from October 2014 to Spring 2015. Then again from 2016 to the present. 

Mayday Alumni - Past Members

Mike Wach was a founding member of Mayday and played bass for the band for nearly 6 years. 

Hailing from NYC, Rob was a drummer from 2015-2016.

Scott played drums for Mayday from 2013-2014.
Theobalds played drums for Mayday from 2008-2011.
Malley was a founding member of Mayday and remained in the band until the end of 2008.